About us

HR Strategic Partners is a full-service human resources firm. Our services range from outsourcing to consulting.

Our business philosophy is to treat each client like a partner, closely working together in order to find the best solutions which will offer our clients a competitive advantage. We offer a different perspective of the human resources processes: one aimed at creating added value.

Passion and enthusiasm in everything we do

All the members of HR Strategic Partners possess in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in their area of expertise. Each team member has a deep understanding of their specific area of expertise, but also a broad understanding of all human resource-related processes. All these are combined with a passion for people, creativity, and enthusiasm to offer the best support to the client and to its employees.

Diversity is the strongest asset of our team. Its members have a sundry experience stemming from direct contact with and work within diverse environments – from start-ups to multinational companies with extensively different business systems. The complementary varied experience and know-how combined with a people-oriented culture enables us to find custom-built solutions for every challenge our clients may face.

Our values

Innovation, tailor-made solutions, creativity, “clients come first”, passion, orientation towards results and partnership are the values our company lives by and which are respected in every decision we make. These become the standards that each member of the team as well as the services we offer, has to meet.


Everything is in a perpetual change; our society, economy, labor market and we as individuals. Our goal is not merely to keep in line with these changes but to be ahead of them, to spark and drive them. Being an industry leader and game changer involves being ahead of time, being innovative.

Tailored Solutions

Each person, client, and project we take has different needs and requirements, each brings new challenges. There are no universal, fits-all solutions when it comes to human resources.

Our approach is to first understand the particularities of each project. Based on this deep understanding, we can then offer tailored solutions to best fit the needs and desired results of our clients.


Creativity means finding the most appropriate solutions for each situation; finding new connections; improving processes and the methods of operation. The best results are accomplished through original solutions, and they are the difference between commonness and excellence.

Clients come first

Our company doesn’t have shareholders, investors or a board of directors. We don’t have to comply with anyone’s interests or requests other than those of our clients. This enables us to make our customer’s satisfaction our top priority.


We believe in the power of long-term partnerships. Great results are not achieved overnight. Value is created by constantly pursuing a vision, by taking persistent actions in the direction of your goals. Thus, we go beyond a simple client-contractor relationship, to the level of partnership at which we work together in order to achieve excellence.

Results oriented

More than anything, we believe in the results and the added value of the services we provide. Each project we undertake has to provide added value for our customer, in order to justify the time and resources invested both by our client and by us.