The HR Strategic Partners client portfolio is very diverse in terms of company size, industry and range of activities. We work with start-ups and multinationals, private companies, public institutions and NGOs. Whether we are talking about specific projects, solving singular challenges or long term assignments, we work on building long-lasting partnerships.

Together we can accomplish astonishing results

Passion, creativity and flexibility are the trademark for HR Strategic Partners, regardless of the specific of the company we work with or the solutions we deliver. We are constantly looking for the solution which best fits the needs of our clients and delivers the highest added value for both the company and the employees.

We choose our clients with great consideration. The companies we work with and advise, the projects we decide to take on, the people we interact with are very important for us. We strongly believe in our compatibility with our clients. This enables us to achieve the best possible results, which is why we never undertake a project we don’t believe in 100%.

Client selection