HR is as much about the company as it is about the people working for it. Our experts offer professional advice regarding best practices and appropriate tools and approaches that add value to both the company and its employees.

Strategy and planning

The vision and the mission are the backbone of every company. We have the expertise to translate them into clear action plans and objectives using procedures, work instructions, internal regulations and company policies.

HR Strategic Partners offers human resources consultancy services for companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals. We work together with start-ups to ensure their growth and that their human resources strategies are aligned and deliver the best results. Our approach to big multinational companies is aimed at fine-tuning their local and global network, in order to transform their size into an advantage.

Activities summary

  • Human resources strategy
  • Business development strategy
  • Internal regulations and policies
  • Internal procedures
  • Environmental analysis
  • Organizational analysis
  • HR Planning