Payroll and administration

Payroll and administration are mandatory activities for every company. In order for you to focus on the core elements of your business, we offer all the necessary tools and the knowledge to undergo these processes effortlessly.

HR Strategic Partners offers payroll and administration custom solutions which are designed to make the processes easy to manage and integrate into the company specific, while complying with all the legal requirements. We create a common work procedure with our clients and ensure that all the results are delivered with clock-like precision.

Activities summary

Administration services:

  • Preparing labor contracts, addendum, and decisions;
  • Relationship with ITM REVISAL
  • Issuing certificates required by employees
  • Releasing the necessary certificates for the termination of labor contracts

 Payroll services:

  • Drafting monthly time-sheets in electronic format;
  • Performing monthly payroll according to the law;
  • Completing and submitting monthly and annual statements;
  • Completing and sending payslips;
  • Completing and sending the e-cash file;
  • Completing and submitting the monthly payroll file and costs centralizer;
  • Transmitting information regarding wages and social contributions required for accounting activities;
  • Evidence of vacation days;
  • Writing and submitting the recovery file regarding sick leave days supported by authorities and paid by the employer;
  • Providing labor cost simulations;
  • Reporting employee and labor costs-related information.