Professional development

Professional growth is a fundamental need for the employees’ satisfaction, motivation, retention and productivity. Key resources, superstar employees and high achievers need to be fostered in order to attain full potential.

Building a successful career

HR Strategic Partners development programs are specially designed to fully match the employees’ motivation, psychological profile, talents, skills, knowledge and background. Based on the employees’ profile as well as on a deep understanding of the company, its culture and vision, we can create development paths and career plans that maximize the satisfaction of the employee as well as his or her results.

Our approach encourages flexibility from the company, employees and the development plan. We track and monitor the development of human resources and fine-tune career and action plans to keep up with the company’s development, business environment changes, and employees’ needs.

Activities summary

  • Assessment centers
  • Development centers
  • Individual performance evaluation
  • Development paths
  • Career plans
  • Action plans
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Succession planning